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Trending: Velvet Crush

Fall has come and gone, but I heard it’s coming back again in just a couple of days! It’s time to bring a little fall fashion into your home! One of the biggest trends this season, not only for clothing, is velvet! And it’s not hard to see (or feel) why. This luxe fabric instantly makes a room look more expensive and it feels divine! Ahhh, velvet! It makes everything seem just a little more luxurious. With it’s regal good looks and unsurpassed softness, it’s hard not to love it. Velvet is chic, stylish, and timeless.

You can add velvet to your home in a number of ways, like pillows, sofas, throws, and accessories. And there are colors of velvet to suit just about anyone’s taste and style. Adding velvet doesn’t have to be super expensive either.  There are so many pieces of small-scale furniture and accessories out there, so no need to invest in a huge (and expensive) velvet sofa. Unless you really want to 😉

Like a melting pot, velvet has a lot of different looks. The variation depends on either the characteristics of the fiber used or its construction.

Velvet Varieties

Linen velvet. Linen velvet has thin striations and a nubbiness to give it a textured, dry appearance. Unlike heavier wool velvets, linen velvet is cooler on the body and has a more casual aesthetic.

Silk velvet. Silk velvet is the epitome of indulgence. Usually considered the finest of material for velvet. Once you run your hand along silk, you’ll never forget it. It is an experience. Silk filaments act like little prisims and reflect the light, which is why it has a pronounced luster. Silk velvet tends to have a “wet” appearance.

Mohair. Mohair velvet is made from the hair of Angora goats. It is the least susceptible to crushing or matting, and is often used in high-use commercial applications.

While mohair velvet is durable, it’s not as shiny as silk and synthetics like rayon. Mohair velvet has a subtle glow rather than a marked sheen. It’s also quite thick, so it has limitations on smaller components, like upholstered arms and welting.

Ready to take the plunge? Keep scrolling for some velvet inspiration for your home!

Add a pop of color with a velvet footstool!

Go glam with a footstool in a muted tone.

Mackenzie Bailey in Houston

Toss some neutral toned velvet pillows on a chair for an instant update!

Makenzie Bailey in Houston

Add a velvet bench to the entry or end of your bed.

Photo via West Elm

A vibrant blue velvet chair is sure to make a statement!

Photo via Wayfair

In the cooler months switch out your usual duvet for a velvet one!

Photo via Nordstrom

One of my favorite colors, teal blue velvet really pops in a neutral room!

These velvet pillows from West Elm are an easy way to add a touch of velvet.

Photo via West Elm

A velvet desk chair makes for a comfy place to sit.

Photo via Domino Mag

A pale velvet sofa on a natural wood base is so bohemian…

Photo via Poppy Lane

Spruce up your dinner parties with velvet dining chairs!

Photo via West Elm

Cozy up to a velvet lounging chair and just relax…

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