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A Lost Art: What Does Your Handwriting Say About You

Hi friends! Did you know that Tuesday, January 23rd is National Handwriting Day? Well, it is. What does that mean? Not much really or, maybe more than you realize! Nonetheless, seeing that the day was coming up it got me to thinking about how the way you write can be an indicator of your personality. Per the “experts” in the field of graphology anyway…

But, it also got me to wondering how much people actually take pen (or pencil) to paper amymore. I wonder that as I type this post out on the keyboard of my iPad Pro 🤔 And I can use funny emojis to express feelings 😊 I for one, do still write on paper every single day! I actually keep a written calendar that lists each days activities and things I need to do. Even though I may still log it in my iPhone’s calendar as well (I do like the alarm reminders). Before I go to the grocery store I always make a handwritten list so that I hopefully don’t forget something. And, there’s journal writing too, among other things. But in this day and age of texting, tweeting, instant messaging, emailing, and so on, one might be able to escape an entire day without picking up a pencil. Maybe even days, weeks, or dare I say, months!

I recall when I was growing up that if one found a piece of scribbled on paper on the floor in a classroom you could identify it’s owner just by looking at the handwriting. It didn’t even need to have a name on it. You knew based on just the handwriting who it belonged to. You always knew your bestfriend’s handwriting, your mom’s, your sister’s, your dad’s. Would you be able to pick out the handwriting of a close friend now? I’m honestly not sure if I could! Have we lost one of the ways in which we recognize one another?!?

What would happen if, God forbid, all technology shut down?! All digital forms of communication were gone?! Actually, I don’t think that I am going to go there in this post. That’s a whole other story on it’s on that could get very deep…

Anyway, tomorrow, Tuesday January 23rd is National Handwriting Day. Instead of rambling on, I would just like to encourage you to pick up a pen or pencil and write! Write a letter to a dear friend, write a note to your son or daughter, write out your grocery list, just write something on paper! And for fun, you can take a handwriting personality quiz with your family like we did. According to graphologists, there is very little you can’t tell from a person’s handwriting style. Everything from the size of your letters to how closely you space words can reveal intricate details of your personality. So they say…

Here are some of the most common handwriting features you can study and learn more about your personality type:

1. Letter size: In general, the size of your letters can reveal whether you are outgoing or shy. Compared to a standard lined sheet of paper, if you write with tiny letters that do not reach the top line, ou are likely to be timid and introverted. If you write large letters that go over the top line, you are the opposite – outgoing, confident, and attention seeking.

2. Word spacing : Studies suggest that those that space words widely like freedom and independence, whereas those choosing to write with small spaces prefer to be among others and hate to be alone.

3. Dotting your i’s : The way you dot, or do not dot, your i’s says a lot about your personality; those placing the dot high have imaginative personalities and those writing it off to the left tend to procrastinate. If your handwriting shows a circle instead of a dot then you allegedly possess a childlike quality, and using a dash is said to be typical of overly critical individuals. Only organized and emphatic people place the dot firmly above the i when writing by hand.

4. Crossing your T’s : The length of your T-cross reveals further personality traits. Long crossers are purportedly determined and enthusiastic, and short T-crossers are lazier.

5. Pen pressure : If you apply a heavy pressure when using a pen or pencil then you are committed. Really heavy pressure is said to reveal uptight qualities. Light pressure denotes sensitivity and empathy.

6. Signature : What does your signature say about you? Illegible signatures (those that resemble a squiggle) speak of someone that is private and closed. A readable signature shows self-confidence.

Is handwriting and personality analysis accurate? It is difficult to draw firm conclusions as we often change our handwriting style in response to our mood or different writing materials. I know that to be true in my life.

I found a fun handwriting test on Buzzfeed. You should try it!

My handwriting test said that I was organized. Quote, “You’re organized, from your workplace to your life. People think you have it all figured out, and honestly you just might. You love a good routine, you’re never late, and you love a good dinner party, as long as you’re the one in charge of throwing it.”

This analysis is mostly accurate. I want to be organized, but sometimes it’s a struggle. As I stated at the beginning, I still keep a written calendar to be organized and I prepare a handwritten grocery list, even in these days of technology… Not sure if I “have it all figured out”, but I strive to. I definitley crave routine! I’m fine with some spontaneity, but in my daily life routine rules! Never late? Well, I used to never be late, but adding 2 kids to the mix has caused me to be late more than I am comfortable with. I do indeed love a good dinner party! Fun Fun! And yes, I like to throw them, but have come to enjoy them even more when they are at someone else’s house. Less stress for me 😉

So, I chanllege you to take the handwriting test at Buzzfeed and come back and comment in the comments section below with your results. Did they get it right? Do you think handwriting analysis can correctly identify your personality?

Below is the paper that I wrote the quiz sentence on. I had my husband and kids (12 and 8) write it down too. My husband’s result was CONFIDENT. My kids both got ORGANIZED. I pretty much agree with the assessment of my husband. I beg to differ with the results that my kiddos got. I don’t see much organization around their rooms 😂 But I do think that they have pretty good handwriting!! Xoxo, Angela

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