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From Night Owl to Early Bird: A Plan to Get You There!

There’s a night owl in my house and it’s not me! It’s my 8 year old daughter Lola! When the other 3 of us are winding down for the evening Lola is just coming alive. Ready to whirl and twirl and do flips and gymnastics on the bed! Of course with this comes the fact that she abhors getting up early and can easily sleep until 11am if given the opportunity. I’m wondering what it will be like when she’s a teenager since most teens like to sleep late anyway! Lord, help me!

Lola has been like this for as long as I can remember. Even as a baby. But why?

According to Science Alert the answer may be written in your DNA. A study of nearly 90,000 people who had their genomes sequenced by the consumer genetics company 23andMe has identified 15 versions of genes that are linked to reports of being an early or a late riser.

Most living things, including people, live by natural 24-hour cycles called circadian rhythms. These internal ‘clocks’ determine whether you have a preference for waking up early or staying up late – something scientists call your chronotype.

Previous studies have found genes that may be linked to circadian rhythms in animals, but until now, there’s hasn’t been much research on how these genes determine preference for being an early or a late riser in people.

If you’d like to read more about this study you should head on over to Science Alert.

If you or someone you know would like to ditch those night owl ways and join the early birds then you should definitely read the post by my fellow blogger Emma Roses at Glitters & Roses. She’s a former night owl herself that changed her ways and now loves mornings!

Don’t get me wrong, I think night owls are great. I used to be a bit of one myself. Before kids! But, my lifestyle has changed and now staying up late and sleeping in just isn’t an option for me anymore. And actually, I have come to love mornings and the start of a fresh new day of opportunities!

I hope you enjoy Emma’s post “How to Become a Morning Person” as much as I did…

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