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Sunday Post: 4 Finds From Around The Internet This Week

Lessen your chance of colds and flu in the winter months with Vitamin D! With less daylight hours and donning more clothes comes less sunlight exposure and with less sun exposure comes lowered Vitamin D levels being produced naturally by our bodies. I personally use a Vitamin D and Vitamin K liposomal spray, but here are some other ways to get your daily dose.

The Best Ways to Boost Vitamin D in Winter

I’m always excited this time of year when I see pomegranates in the grocery store! Especially when the seeds are already removed for me 🤗 Removing them can be a little tedious and messy. But once they are out you can use them on salads, yogurt, oatmeal, desserts, or on whatever you want. My favorite way is just eating them on their own. They ar full of healthy benefits! Check it out on Style Craze.

30 Amazing Benefits of Pomegranates for Skin, Hair, and Health

My scarves are finally seeing the light of day now that the temperatures have dropped! I love my infinity scarves, they are a no-brainer. But what about the other “traditional” scarves? I found some ideas on Who What Wear that gave me some inspiration. Hope you find some inspiration too 😊

15 Ways to Tie Your Scarf This Fall

Do you take good care of your feet? I must admit, besides getting pedicures I rarely give them much thought… I noticed the other day that they weren’t looking as “youthful” as they once did and I got a little bummed. I do what I can to keep my face looking youthful and it’s time my feet get some love to. Hopefully it’s not too late! My feet and I still have lots of places to go 🙂

Here’s what I found on the Life Extension website about taking care of our feet.

Revitalize Aging Feet 

Have a great week!!

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